Opening in Miami 2020

A Coworking and Performance Space for Entrepreneurs, Artists and Creatives.


Welcome to The Elysian

There's so much we want to tell you about the Elysian! Please follow our journey on social media as we build YOUR coworking and performance space in Miami-Fall of 2020. 

Our mission is to create a movement of entrepreneurs and artists "Artpreneurs" who are committed to thriving at all levels in the their chosen artform.

At The Elysian, we do not embrace the starving artist mindset that plagues alot of artists. We do, however, believe in providing a positive and empowering community for the "Artpreneur" to learn vital skills in order to reach their greatest potential. 

The Elysian is more than just a coworking space. This is where you come to transform your life.

We believe that education, mentorship, and belonging to a positive community, is paramount to the success of entrepreneurs and artists, therefore we offer daily business training, a collaborative environment, inspiring workshops, community resources, business consultancy, and an abundance of networking opportunities SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR ARTISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS. 

Want to showcase your work in front of an audience? We gotchu! 

Our 75-Seat blackbox theater is perfect for shows, industry events, theatrical plays, concerts, and Ted-like talks. With our dedicated in-house lighting and sound engineer, as well as, marketing team, rest assured your events will be no less than world-class. 

Like what you're reading, so far? We want to connect with you! Drop us a line and tell us about yourself. We also want your ideas on how we can build the coworking and creative space of your dreams! Oh, and remember to follow us on FB and Instagram.


Yours in Greatness,

Ivette Viñas

Founder & Owner

What We Offer

A Creative Coworking Vibe for the Artpreneur

We offer move-in ready coworking spaces for teams of any size PLUS...

  • Dedicated Work Space 
  • Super Fast and Secure High-Speed Internet 
  • Private Conference Room
  • Unique Common Areas
  • Weekly Networking Events
  • Daily Business Training
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Business and Product Launch Events
  • Day Seminars and Business Bootcamps
  • Cultural and Fine Arts Events
  • Artistic Lectures and Inspiring Talks
  • Public Speaking Classes 
  • Acting Classes
  • Independent Film Screenings
  • 75-Seat Performance Stage
  • Podcast Room
  • Steinway Piano
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Sound Equipment
  • Audio Visual

We Also Offer

  • Morning and Evening Fitness Classes
  • Conveniently opened 24/7
  • Secure Digital Key Access
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Business Center
  • Office Supplies
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge Area
  • Unlimited Coffee and Tea
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Filtered Water
  • Bike Storage
  • Receptionist and Front Desk Service
  • Community Manager
  • On-Site Security
  • All Utilities Included
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Free 
  • Convenient 24/7 Online Account Access

Opening in Miami - 2020

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The Elysian

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